Here’s What You Need to Know about North Dakota Medicaid Eligibility

north dakota medicaid eligibility

Medicaid is a state-administered healthcare program that provides medical services to individuals and families in North Dakota who don’t have, or can’t afford health insurance. However, not every low-income individual or family can apply for Medicaid services.

There are a number of factors that can determine an applicant’s eligibility. It’s absolutely crucial to understand these predefined requirements before you apply for Medicaid in North Dakota. Read on to find out whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria for long-term Medicaid assistance in North Dakota:

Eligibility groups

Simply put, Medicaid offers healthcare coverage to:

  • Low-income individuals
  • Elderly individuals
  • Children in foster care or subsidized adoption
  • Disabled children (birth to 19)
  • Expectant moms
  • Former foster care children (up to 26 years of age, under certain circumstances)
  • Women suffering from breast or cervical cancer
  • Disabled individuals and workers
  • Blind individuals
  • Low-income Medicare beneficiaries

It’s worth noting that most children (under age 19) become eligible for Medicaid for up to 12 month, regardless of any changes in circumstances. The same condition applies to pregnant women. Once eligible, a soon-to-be mother will receive Medicaid benefits throughout her pregnancy as well as a minimum of 60 days after the pregnancy ends.

North Dakota Medicaid eligibility

North Dakota Medicaid eligibility criteria

In order to apply for the Medicaid Program in North Dakota, you must be:

  • A legal citizen of North Dakota and the United States. Every Medicaid candidate is required to meet this basic requirement. They also need to have complete and proper documentation to support their citizen and immigration status.
  • Aged 65 or older. But, regardless of age, a physically disabled or blind candidate is eligible to apply for long term Medicaid assistance.
  • A low-income individual who can’t afford their medical expenses. Income can help determine how much medical assistance you need i.e. half or full healthcare services. Your income level should be less than the total cost of Medicaid care you need. The following is a breakdown of applicants’ income levels:
    • Singles will receive full coverage if their monthly income does not exceed $517. Also, the monthly income level is derived from multiple sources, such as retirement funds, SSI payments, annuities, and similar benefits, apart from wages.
    • Medically needy persons (aged, disabled or blind) or will receive Medicaid coverage if their income doesn’t surpass $834 per month.
    • Pregnant women and children up till six years of age will receive benefits as long as their income level is $1,527.
    • Nursing home patients can retain $65 of their income to meet their personal requirements.
  • Able to meet asset requirements of $2,000.00. If the total amount of assets you hold exceed the amount of Medicaid assistance you need, you will not qualify for the program.

north dakota Medicaid eligibility


However, asset limitations are not applicable on children, pregnant women or families enrolled in the Women’s Way program, Children’s Health Insurance Program or Medicaid Expansion Program or in North Dakota. Meanwhile, disabled, aged or blind persons can have assets worth $3,000, including savings accounts, bonds, stocks, etc. Furthermore, the asset limitation on couples requiring medical care stands at $6,000.

If have met these requirements, you can apply for the Medicaid program in North Dakota. Application approvals can sometimes take longer than expected. Therefore, make sure you submit your application as soon as possible. You can apply online at the ND Department of Health and Human Services, visit your county social services office, or call toll free 844-854-4825 for help.

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