Living with Alzheimer’s in North Dakota

Living with Alzheimers in ND

The third leading cause of death in the State of North Dakota is Alzheimer’s disease. While there isn’t any conclusive evidence why Alzheimer’s related deaths are so widespread in the region, researchers suspect that the high number of elderly residents in North Dakota compared to other regions may be to blame. Let’s explore how one can live with Alzheimer’s in North Dakota.

Options Available for Alzheimer’s Afflicted Individuals

In North Dakota, there are two basic types of facilities available that provide assisted care to patients with Alzheimer’s. The Basic Care Facility provides a residence and boarding services to a group of five or more individuals. The residents are not supposed to be related with the owner/manager of the facility. These facilities provide care-giving services to those people who cannot live independently and require medical assistance, and personal care services. The staff members are supposed to look after all the scheduled and irregular needs of the residents.

The other option is that of Assisted Living Facility. The building must be operated by a single entity with at least five or more living units. The residents are not supposed to be related with the managers/owner of the facility and are given as much independence as possible according to their needs. Te support services are individualized according to the needs of the patients.

Medicaid Polices for the Two Types of Assisted Living in North Dakota

Alzheimer’s patients in the assisted living facilities may qualify for Medicaid program or Medicaid waiver services for the services provided by the facility. However, assistance for the rental payments is not covered by Medicaid unless it is provided by the HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development).

If the patient is eligible for Medicaid, then the personal care option can make use of the funds provided by the state that covers the services provided by the basic care facilities. There are other state funds accessible to low income individuals to pay for lodging and rooms.

Medicare Will Cover Cognitive Assessments and Planning Sessions

From 2017, individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease will be able to acquire cognitive assessment and services for care planning through Medicare. People who suffer from cognitive impairment require special medical assistance when it comes to care planning as it influences the quality of health and life of the patients. This initiative has been taken for the first time and is expected to improve the patient outcomes.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease and as it progresses, the afflicted individual becomes completely unable to take care of themselves. A report “2016 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures” published by Alzheimer’s Association predicts that the population of North Dakota afflicted with this disease will increase approximately 14.3%. Therefore, it is important the relatives and caregivers educate themselves about the disease and make monetary arrangements according to a proper care plan devised after a careful medical assessment for people with Alzheimer’s in North Dakota.