North Dakota Healthcare Legislation 2017

ND Health Legislature 2017

This article serves to inform regarding legislative bills drafted for 2017 and concerns the health industry in the state of Dakota. Considering the nature of bills, not all of these will become law but are discussed for that purpose and to reach mutual or majority consensus.

These bills have their own responsible committees, and structure that include a Chairman and legislative members. The Health Care Reform Review Committee (HCRRC) is an example that makes it their agenda to study the requirements and potential problems of the North Dakota health delivery system. Other committees presenting health bills are Human services committees and Health services committee.

The House and senate have formulated bills affecting health care for North Dakota in 2017. We will present some of these health related bills for your information.

Healthcare Legislation Passed in the House

Six important bills were passed in the House, including:

House Bill No. 1032 Medicaid Expansion Recompense (Reimbursement) Rates. The rates are equivalent for conventional Medicaid, and will eliminate the necessity that Medicaid expansion will be offered through a privately owned carrier. (HCRRC)

House bill 1033 looks at Medicaid Expansion, Cost-Sharing, and Medicaid Care Coordination Agreements. It has the same proposals as 1032 and directs Department of human services to practice a national Medicaid waive off to the entire department to implement premium cost sharing. It goes further and mentions scenarios for reimbursements. (HCRRC)

House bill 1034 Medicaid expansion reimbursement rates transparency. Transparency means presentation of information clearly and representation of facts. The bill is similar to 1033 and 1032.  (HCRRC)

House bill 1035 – Dental Loan Repayment Program. The bill is taken into effect if a dentist breaches the loan repayment contract, to provide for a prorated payback of loan repayment funds. (Health Services Committee)

House bill 1039 requires that all hospitals establish maintained written discharge policies. (Human Services Committee)

House Bill No. 1040 – Behavioral Health Services Program Expansion. The bill provides appropriations to the division (department) of human services for adopting rules for an evidence based alcohol and drug education programs for relevant individuals under 21 years of age. Expanding on children’s prevention and early intervention. It expands on support services and provides targeted case management services for individuals with severe mental illness or emotional disturbance. (Human Services Committee).

Healthcare Legislation Passed in the Senate

Important senate bills include:

  • Senate Bill No. 2033 Clinical Supervision of Behavioral Health Professionals. Supervision of behavioral health professionals by behavioral health professionals outside their profession, and providing a report to the legislative management (Human services committee).
  • Senate Bill No. 2034 – Nursing Faculty Loan Forgiveness Program. Provides for forgiveness of loans of nursing faculty.
  • Senate Bill No. 2038 – Behavioral Health services policy changes. Changes the holding period and mandates training for early childhood services providers.
  • Senate Bill No. 2042 – Mental Health Professionals. This bill establishes a stage (tiered) system that the roles of mental health professionals take during their practice. (Human Services Committee)


We have listed policies that form the legislative agenda for 2017. It will hopefully provide an interesting read into the senate and legislative assembly’s activities.  We hope it was a learning experience.