North Dakota’s Telepharmacy Project – What You Should Know

Telephamacy-What you should know

The North Dakota Telepharmacy Project has been greatly beneficial for the rural communities of the state.

Its success has enabled it to become a model for other states to follow. The project has displayed how Telepharmacy can have a positive impact on people living in rural areas who have little access to pharmacy services.

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How is the telepharmacy program implemented in the state?

The program is implemented using audio, video, and internet links to connect patients with pharmacists. It is run on a statewide basis to provide pharmacy services to the communities that have no pharmacy service, or are about to lose them.

The state has created a number of full-service telepharmacies that are operating in New England, Maddock, Rolette, and New Town. These telepharmacies are supervised by licensed pharmacists based in Killdeer, Rugby, and Watford City. No telepharmacy is located more than 95 miles from the central supervising pharmacy.

The Telepharmacies are staffed by physicians or nurse practitioners. They operate from Monday through Friday during standard working hours (i.e. from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm). On average, a Telepharmacy serves about 800 people from the rural areas.

The technicians employed to operate the telepharmacies are required to obtain two years of relevant training before they start serving. They are paid a decent wage of about $15 an hour.

What do these telepharmacies do?

The telepharmacies were introduced to increase the accessibility of the rural residents of North Dakota to affordable pharmacy services without compromising on their quality. These telepharmacies perform the same function as conventional pharmacies.

The patients arrive at the Telepharmacy with a prescription. The staff at the Telepharmacy scans the document and sends it electronically to the supervising pharmacist at a central location. Counseling is then provided to the patient by the supervising pharmacist using online means.

Telephamacy-What you should know

How have telepharmacies changed things?

Before the advent of telepharmacies in the North Dakota, the aged residents of the state could only get their medications by mail. This was a slow and inefficient process.

However, things have changed since the establishment of telepharmacies. People can now communicate directly with a qualified pharmacist and discuss their health requirements. People belonging to the state’s rural communities do not need to travel long distances anymore to buy prescription drugs.

The latest software is used to ensure that the correct medication is dispensed to the patients. Advanced data encryption techniques have also been used to ensure that the personal health data of the patients remains highly confidential.

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