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Fargo, North Dakota, June 21, 2017–

Online news publication Pharmacy ND is pleased to announce the launch of its new website offering original, objective news articles and exclusives centered on the healthcare industry. The site provides must-read online resources for professionals, researchers, and academics who want to stay updated with the most recent developments in North Dakota’s healthcare

“Pharmacy ND provides comprehensive, insightful news, articles and information about healthcare in North Dakota. The publication features extensive educational material for online readers. With an aim to educate, engage and empower our community, Pharmacy ND covers the latest news and information that affect industry professionals as well as average North Dakotans. We keep updating our news coverage to keep you informed,” said a company spokesperson Robert Olson.

Pharmacy ND’s news articles and exclusives cover an array of healthcare-related topics including, but are not limited to, diseases, disabilities, healthcare costs, pharmacy, Medicaid,
legislation, healthcare regulation and the state of public health in North Dakota. All the articles and exclusives are sourced from internal and reliable external sources, such as Pharmacists
United for Truth and Transparency. However, Pharmacy ND’s editorial team goes above and beyond to make sure that these are 100% reliable, authentic, and authoritative sources.

“We are proud to have built such a solid readership in a few years. Our online readers are loyal to us due to the fact that we deliver reliable information on healthcare in North Dakota,” added Olson.

To read the most current news and information, visit Pharmacy ND’s new website at

About Pharmacy ND

Pharmacy ND is the ultimate online news publication and resource focused exclusively on Medicaid, healthcare and pharmacy news in North Dakota. Because the healthcare industry affects each and every North Dakotan, Pharmacy ND strives to provide objective, neutral content from multiple points of view in order to remain as objective as possible. Our mission is to provide accurate information to educate healthcare professionals, academics, researchers and the public with integrity for a healthier, more informed public.



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